Red Roan Filly

Price: AUD $5,454.55

Bay Filly

Price: AUD $5,454.55

Bay Gelding

Price: AUD $4,545.45

Olympic Deluxe Horse Float

Price: AUD $4,727.27

Bay Roan Filly

Price: AUD $4,545.45

Bay Roan Filly

Bay Roan Filly
DOB: 24/12/13

Well started. Plenty of riding in bush, been mustering sheep and cattle. Good to catch, float.

                                              Peptoboonsmal USA-309791

                              Peptos Stylish Oak (IMP) Q-39269
                                              Moms Stylish Kat USA-3138024
                                             Doc's Spinifex (IMP) Q-5015
                               Spin N Pep Q-39357
                                            Cuttabar Bitsy Q-26869

                                                            Biscay (AUS) 1965 

                                          Bletchingly (AUS)                                               

                                                            Coogee (GB) 1959

                                 Sir Laurence (NZ) 1986

                                                              Century (AUS) 1969
                                             Stage Hit (AUS) 1976

                                                              Oh Calcutta (AUS) 1973


                                                               Crown Jester (AUS) 1978
                                              Rory's Jester (AUS) 1982

                                                                Rory's Rocket (GB) 1973

                                Blond Rocket (AUS) 1974

                                                                St Crepe (GB) 1964

                                                St. Trice (AUS) 1974

                                                               Interrupted Melody (AUS) 1968

Price: AUD $4,545.45