Need a bit more out of your horse?

There may be times when you have a problem or situation with your horse. We can assist with a professional approach.

These problems can be worked through by consistently instilling the wanted behaviour in the horse by ensuring reward is given with correct timing and at each positive try the horse makes towards the favoured outcome.

We can help you with;

  •     Halter Training
  •     Float Loading
  •     Catching
  •     Spooking
  •     Pulling Back
  •     Handling Feet and Legs
  •     Starting on cattle (fresh cattle and mechanical cow)
  •     Weanling/Yearling handling
  •     Drenching   and much more!

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Got issues with your horse going on the float?

Floating can be a common issue for some horse owners. Andrew is excellent in solving floating problems and can teach you and the horse the right techniques that will have you happily floating again.