Horse Breaking

The education your horse receives at this young age will form the solid foundation on which to build their training on for the rest of their lives, so it is very important that their initial experience in to the world of riding is as positive and correct as possible.

Our breaking program is approximately 6-8 weeks, but when you want your horse back is totally up to you, the earlier it leaves the greener it is.

In regards to education of the horse it would depend on the length of stay, but Andrew would like to see them go home doing the following;

  •    flexing at the pole,
  •    collected up,
  •    backing up,
  •    moving off his feet,
  •    side passing,
  •    canter on right leads,
  •    bush riding,
  •    moving sheep/cattle,
  •    they are also exposed to dogs as we also breed & train kelpies.

We believe there is no point taking your horse home and not being able to handle it or ride it. We like to work with your horse and you, so you would be more than welcome to come at any stage to ride your horse or be involved in the breaking process, there would be no extra cost for this.

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