The Best Training Tool

17 Nov 2011 7:27 PM -

Laying horses down is an extremely useful tool for breaking and training any breed of horse. It is now one of the most useful training tools I use, and the benefits of it are amazing. I believe it puts me ahead with my breaking & training program for any horse. The basis of this tool is Pressure/Release. This is not only applicable to this process but most aspects of horse handling.

The process is broken down into steps, and each step must be completed before starting the next. Each step has a purpose and needs to be followed.

It can also be used on an older horse that I may get that has problems, and I then come back to laying that horse down. The process also allows you to take the hump out of a horse on the ground before you get on it.

It allows you to handle the horse’s feet, without picking them up yourself. This way the horse can’t beat you and have the win.

Once you start laying the horse down you can’t quit, you must follow the process through.

It is then endless what you can do with the horse once he is down. Rub them down, lay on them, sit on them, handle their feet, de-sensitise them, use a whip around them, even stand on them!

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