Selecting a Stallion

2 Jul 2012 7:15 PM -
Pepped Up Spin - Bay Roan Quarter Horse Stallion

The process of selecting a stallion to breed to is a long and complex one. You need to consider your breeding goal, fees and cost, mare care and facilities, guarantees, special offers and the breeding contract.

6 Important Factors

1. Breeding Goal

What is your personal breeding goal? Before deciding which of the many stallions offering their services is the right one for you, you must decide what you are trying to breed for. A good way is to describe your ideal horse in terms of conformation, temperament, colour and other traits which are important to you. After you have defined what you are breeding for you need to evaluate your mare. What qualities does she share with your ideal? What qualities need improvement? Which of the many items defined in your ideal are you willing to compromise on and which are must haves?

2. The goal of the stallion owner

When you are evaluating potential mates for your mare, check on the breeding goals of the stallion owner. Most breeders will willingly discuss their favourite subject and gladly explain their goals to you. You might also try and ask for a comparison of the breeder’s own mares and her stallion.

3. Fees and Costs

In addition to the major fees commonly associated with breeding horses, don’t forget to include the additional veterinary care and feeding that pregnant mares require.

4. Mare care and facilities

When you entrust the care of any horse to another person you should make sure they are capable of providing the level of care you desire. Make a point of visiting the facility at least once. Note the care given to the farm’s own horses as well as that given to visiting mares. Look at the horses’ condition and surroundings. Are the horses well fed? Are they healthy?

5. Experience of handlers

Not all people who advertise a stallion at stud are experienced in handling breeding animals. Ask for and check out references from previous clients.

6. Guarantees

There are many stallions competing for your mare. As an incentive to breed to him many stallion owners will offer some form of guarantee or special offer. When comparing stallions with different guarantees be sure the benefit you receive is important to you and worth the extra cost.


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