New Requirements for Horse Owners

25 Jul 2012 8:06 PM -

From 1 September 2012, anyone who keeps horses in NSW will be required to obtain a Property Identification Code (PIC) for the land on which the horses are kept. Even if you only have one horse, you will still need a PIC.

Initially when we first heard this information we were a little confused as to our requirements. We cotanacted our local LHPA with some questions we and our cllients had, here are their answers;

1. What if you work on a property owned by someone else and you have a horse on that property?
Any premises on which horses are kept (even temporarily) must have a PIC. This includes properties, stables, equestrian event grounds, showgrounds, racetracks, saleyards and transportation depots. The responsibility for the registration of the PIC lies with the land manager (property owner, local
shire/council, etc). Any premises where livestock such as cattle or sheep have been kept in the past, for example, beef property, showgrounds, would already have a PIC. Each piece of land should only have one PIC.

2. What if you are agisting your horse on someone else’s property?
Any person who has or intends moving a horse to any land should satisfy themselves that there is a PIC for that land. For example:
· If a person owns a horse but normally keeps that horse at a friend’s place, then the horse owner and their friend must both ensure that that place has a PIC.
· If horses are taken to a show, then the owner of the showground (usually the local council) and the exhibitor must both confirm that the showground has a PIC.

3. Is it the ratepayer of the land that needs to PIC or the horse owner?
PIC is Property Identification Code, it’s the land that requires a PIC number. Normally the property owner should apply. However, if that person is unable or unwilling to do so, then horse owners may apply for a PIC provided they can satisfy the LHPA that they are entitled to do so, such as by providing a copy of a lease or agistment agreement or written permission from the land owner. The horse owner should then inform the property owner of the PIC that has been assigned to that

4. Will horse movements off your property be required to be entered on the NLIS database like sheep and cattle?
No. However, horse owners are encouraged as best practice to keep records of where their horses have been for at least 2 years.

5. Will there be a requirement to complete a NVD like sheep and cattle for movement and sale?
No. However, some horse movements by vehicle must be accompanied by a transported stock statement (TSS) which must be retained for at least 2 years. A TSS is not required for racehorses (thoroughbreds), harness racing horses and working (stock) horses, nor if the horse is being transported to or from an agricultural show, exhibition, gymkhana, pony club or similar function, or a veterinary hospital or practice. A TSS book can be purchased from the LHPA.

6. What happens if you don’t register?
The onus is on individual property and stock owners to comply with PIC requirements. This is vital to effectively manage animal disease risks and outbreaks as PICs registers allow properties with horses and other livestock to be more readily located and their owners contacted.
Horse industry bodies should encourage the correct use of PICs as a condition of participation in commercial and recreational activities including shows, sporting and equestrian events. It may become a condition of entry to equestrian events that exhibitors provide the PIC of the property the
horse normally resides on.
Any person using a service provided by NSW Department of Primary Industries or an LHPA, which relates to a property on which a PIC is required, must provide the PIC of that property if requested to do so.
Compliance of the expanded PIC requirements should be achieved through advisory and marketbased activities and incentives led by livestock industries. Regulatory action may occur in high risk situations or for significant breaches when other methods have failed. The infringement notice penalty for not having a PIC is $550.